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Drag Racing Sponsors

AFIBlend ITTH22BMuhu KinnisvaraMuhubrandsMUHU FITNESSCredivusPay4resultsKUIVASTU POSTI

TH22B Custom Impreza Coupes

The Subaru Impreza 22B is really an amazing looking car, the cherry on the Impreza cake. They are highly sought after vehicles, but financially out of reach for the average Impreza fan or car enthusiast.

I founded TH22B to make these amazing, beautiful cars available to more people, by powering them with WRX technology which still gives plenty of driving pleasure.

You can read more about these amazing Subarus from TH22B Custom Impreza Coupes website.

Monster Car

Monster Car project is about bringing more attractions to our lovely Muhu island. It will be for sure on the top list for families with kids as fun activity to do here while visiting the island!

There will be a possibility to have a fun ride in the back of the Monster truck where there will be two benches with safe seat belts.

Monster car, born as International Scout II in the year of 1979, is powered by a powerful and noisy 6.0 diesel engine and even if you don’t get a chance to ride with it, it’s for sure an awesome sight to see it and meet in person.

The car was originally rebuilt in Sweden, but once it arrived at Muhu TH garage then Collester workshop went through with a full renovation and it is today in perfect condition.

Lego Drag Racing

The idea of Lego Drag Racing came in our home living room while playing with the kids with our pull pack legos in the autumn of 2019.

Build a lego car only with lego parts and come racing! There are two age categories and three different categories for the cars: Street Power (single engine cars), Street Twin Power (double engine cars) and Outlaw (three or more engines). The track is exactly 6 meters long. The competition uses the same principles as real drag racing with qualification runs and eliminators.

It is now an annual event that takes place on Muhu island and is very much expected and always creates lots of positive emotions for everyone. So far we have organized two Estonian National Championships for these awesome pull back Legos. Estonian current national record for completing the 6 meter track is 1.22 seconds 😉

More about the project from lego drag racing website.



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