Why I own it?

I first saw the Monster when I went to check the Fox Body Mustang. It was in a really poor shape, but had a good character. What was very interesting for me is that it was based on a very rare truck – International Scout II. These trucks are nowadays very rare even in the US. Mostly such modified cars are based on the more common Dodge or Ford chassis.

Although it left a good impression, I did not yet had a plan for the car. But that came quickly – let’s build a Monster Car that would be a fun attraction on Muhu island! It was not difficult to imagine myself back to being a 10-year old and think about what I would like to see, experience and do while visiting Muhu.

So I agreed with the owner that if they manage to get it running, we will make a deal & they did get it running 🙂

International went through a full restoration which included much more work than I first expected, but then again – we did not want to be in a situation that would need another restoration after a few years’ time. End result is amazing and I’m sure that this truck will bring good memories for many people who will have a chance to get a ride with it, or even just meet it live!

International Scout II




Scout II




6,2 L, V8


97 kw / 130 hp


All Wheel Drive



Fuel Type