Why I own it?

I have always loved the B3/B4 generation of Audis since they were way ahead of their time in styling and technical wise. To me, these are really beautiful looking cars. 

While I was keeping an eye open for various Audi quattro models, then as soon as this car came into my radar, I got obviously really excited since I like this model and that one has many other quirks and features as well.

First, it is a rarer 90 not regular 80 and is more luxurious, sporty and with better equipment. It’s also from the very first B3 model year when these cars were produced.

But what makes it really special, is that the original 2.3 liter R5 engine has been swapped with an 4.2 V8 Audi ABZ engine from an Audi A8. Plus there are various additional modifications made to the car such as a custom tuned up rally spec ECU, hydraulic handbrake and adjusted front wheels steering angle. All this because of the previous competitive racing history the car has from drifting competitions, snow drag racing and winter rally cross.

And what is really cool, is that from outside it looks really standard, even the wheels are very simple, which makes it an exact definition of a “sleeper” car…and it really is a beast and handful to handle!

Audi 90








4,2 L, V8


250 kw + / 335 hp +


All Wheel Drive



Fuel Type